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Phuket – Heaven Forgotten in Nature.


Phuket – Heaven Forgotten in Nature.


Best Travel Ideas – Thailand – Phuket


🇹🇭 Country: Thailand

🏝️ City/Island: Phuket

📄 Visa Requirements: Not Needed for EU Citizens.

💬 Languages Spoken: Thai , English

💱 Currency Used: Thailand Baht , Euro , USD

🏨 Most Preferred Reason: Honeymoon 🥂


Thailand banner

Thailand is the most common country of Buddhism. There are beautiful temples from each other. Turquoise sea, crazy Thai nightlife, delicious Thai food and many different innovations. For those who want to tour Thailand, I will write information about Thailand. If you are planning to go to Thailand for honeymoon or summer holidays, I strongly recommend you to read this article. Most of those who want to go to Thailand for a vacation first do tour research. But i certainly don’t recommend it. If you want to experience an unforgettable Thailand holiday, definitely plan for yourself.

Thailand is a very large country and it can take 3 months if you want to visit the whole country. The most popular tourist spots are temples, island, caves, food markets. If you are going on holiday to a big country, you should prepare your travel plan very well. You need to do a good research and take note of the places you really want to visit. You dont need a visa for your Thailand travel plan. You need to prepare.

There are 5 regions in UNESCO World Heritage List. These;

Avuttahaya City
Sukhothai Historic Town
Thungyai-Huai Kba Khaeng Wildlife Reserve
Ban Chiang Archaeological Area
Dong Phayayen Khao Yai Forest Complex

Bangkok is the capital of Thailand. Bangkok is registered in the Guinness Records book as the longest-named city in the world. The capital name (Krung Thep Mahanakhon Amon Udomratchaniwet Mahasathan Amon Piman Awatan Sathit Sakkathattiva Witsanukam Prasit). Bangkok attracts tourists with its temples and size, but the whole city smells awful.

Thai currency is Thai Baht. My advice is to change your money into baht. Apart from 1-2-5 and 10 baht coins, 20-50-100-500 and 1000 baht bills are used in daily life.

Phuket – Honeymoon Ideas 🥂

Phuket Post Image

Phuket is one of the largest and most preferred holiday destinations in the world. Best travel ideas that Phuket would be a very nice choice especially for honeymooners. You can visit the islands and temples with the natural life. Phuket is the preferred area for travel every month of the year.

James Bond Island

Phuket James Bond Island

The best places to visit are Phuket’s natural coves and caves. James Bond island is the most famous of these regions. James Bond island is the most visited region by tourists. If you want to go to James Bond island, you can only contact with tour companies.

Big Buddha Statue

Phuket – Big Buddha Statue

There are many places to visit in Phuket city center and its hills. One of them is the Big Buddha Statue. The Big Buddha Statue is almost the same size as the THE STATUE OF LIBERTY and appears almost eveywhere in the city. The Big Buddha Statue on the top of Chalong Hill can be visited 24 hours a day while preparing your travel plan.

Hong Island

Phuket – Hong Island

There are many natural islands around Phuket and tourists are very interested in them. Hong island is one of these islands and is the most visited island. If you want to explore around the island of Hong, you can only go by canoe. There are grocery stores around Hong island where you can go through the caves. These Canoe Markets sell natural drinks and coctails. Coconut water is the best selling product in the Canoe Markets. The amount you pay for this drink is between 50-70 Baht.

Phuket Walking Street

Phuket Walking Street
Phuket – Walking Street

On the list of the best travel ideas, Phuket is not only famous for its islands and temples. Phuket nightlife is a lot of tourists. The most famous street in the center of Phuket is Phuket Walking Street. This street is the heart of Phuket. The 3 km long Phuket Walking Street is famous for its nightlife. Many surprises can be found for tourists visiting this street at night.

Laguna Region

Laguna Region
Phuket – Laguna Region

Phuket Laguna region. Mostly Russian citizens live in the region. It is the greenest region of the country. There is a natural lake in the Laguna region and it is a tree-lined paradise. There are luxurious houses around the lake. Most of these houses are inhabitants of Russia. You can take a boat trip on the lake. Boat tours on the lake are free for tourists.


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